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Eye Spy Street Art: 5 Austin street artists and their style

Consider Austin a blank canvas or even an ever-changing masterpiece. Though the humble street artists that paint the city would never admit to the latter, that’s how we think of their work and something we’re very proud to show off on all…
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Wining down in the Texas Hill Country

Central Texas may not have been on your radar of great American wine destinations, but the state has a long history of wine production and crafting award-winning wines across the region. Did you know that vines were actually planted in…
An Exhibit at the Texas Military Forces Museum
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Austin's Hidden Gems Part 2: Texas Military Forces Museum

If military history is your thing, the Texas Military Forces Museum, tucked away deep inside the active Camp Mabry, is a great way to pass a few hours. Located a few miles north of downtown and just off of Mopac, the museum houses a bunch…
Austin Detours featured in Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Features Austin!

Christa Larwood and Kris Davidson were in Austin earlier this year researching for Lonely Planet's “Great Escape – Texas” article that was published in the June 2105 Lonely Planet Traveler magazine. The team visited Austin as well…
Austin Detours Architecture
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3 Austin Architecture Icons

Austin architecture is as diverse and eclectic as the city’s art and music, and in this blog we look at three examples that are sure to catch the eye of first-time visitors. Bring a camera with a full battery and an empty memory card,…
Austin Neighborhoods

3 Great Austin Neighborhoods

Austin’s neighborhoods are diverse and serve up a host of living options. Want a lakefront gated community (if you can afford it)? You got it. Looking for a cute heritage cottage surrounded by a bunch more cute heritage cottages? You got…

Austin's Live Music Scene: A Quick History

Austin’s live music scene has been going strong since the German beer hall days of the 1870’s. In fact, the oldest continuously operated business west of the Mississippi is Sholtz Garten on San Jacinto Boulevard. General Custer used…
Austin's Low Unemployment Statistics

Austin's Growth Part 1: Some Numbers

It isn’t new news that Austin is a fantastic city and one of the coolest, greenest, healthiest and downright best places to live in the nation. Everyone from Forbes to Kiplingers has written about our growth, and in this blog we take a…
Austin Mayfield Park Hidden Gem

Austin's Hidden Gems Part 1: Mayfield Park

As far as hidden gems go, Mayfield Park is a whopping 10 carat diamond, tucked away at 3505 W 35th Street just a short drive from downtown. If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat where you can escape the city bustle and surround yourself…
Typical Austin Food Truck Scene

Austin's Food Trucks Part 1: Desserts

Austin’s food trucks now number over 2,000 and serve everything from octopus salad to beef tongue tacos to lavender-infused ice cream. The food is awesome and the atmosphere anything from urban chic to grunge-cool, and the most popular…
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3 Essentials for Exploring Austin

Austin’s Bergstrom International Airport provides a convenient and hassle-free gateway to our awesome city. You can be kickin’ back on 6th Street, exploring SOCO, or taking in a live music show within a half hour of arriving at the gate.…
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Real Austin Tours: Perfect for Locals & Visitors

Our Real Austin Tours continue to grow in popularity with Austin visitors and locals alike. At $35 for a 2-hour city tour, including a snack at one of the city’s iconic food trucks, we think our Real Austin Tours are the best value anywhere…