Guide Spotlight: Elisa Regulski

If you have the pleasure of going on a tour with Elisa, you’ll quickly learn that she is the quintessential Austinite: taco-obsessed, passionate about music and in the know of all the hippest new places around town. We took a few minutes to get to know our badass, banjo-playing, blonde tour guide, Elisa!

How did you wind up in Austin, TX? 

I moved here shortly after graduating college in Oklahoma City. As a Texas girl, it only made sense that I came back. Austin’s the only city that loves banjos as much as tacos (and these are a few of my favorite things).

What are your creative outlets? 

There’s nothing better than playing old-time banjo near an Austin swimming hole. I’m also a huge Shakespeare geek, so I love running lines and discussing iambic pentameter with like-minded Shakespeare lovers. 

On your days off where in Austin can you be found? 

Drinking vanilla lattes at one of my neighborhood’s cozy coffee shops. If I’m not reading a book, I’m petting all of the dogs on the patio. 

Favorite Austin Detours tour to lead? 

Street Art Street Food! This tour is a unique way to tell the story of the city. Guests always get excited about HOPE Outdoor Gallery, and I love getting to know the artists who paint there. Plus, this tour usually involves tacos– and I never get tired of talking about tacos.

What is your favorite part about tour guiding in Austin? 

I love hearing about what draws people to this city. Whether it’s the bats, the music, the food or the history, everyone has their own personal bucket list items. There’s nothing better than knowing that my recommendations helped make someone’s vacation amazing.

What neighborhood in Austin is your hang out place? 

South Austin is the place to be! The best coffee shops, music stores, and taco stands are south of the river. Let’s go listen to music at the Saxon!


Want Elisa to show you around town? Our private and corporate Street Art Street Food tour is available to book on a private basis any date and time, based on our availability.

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