Howdy! We’re looking for a fun, smart, enthusiastic, and capable person to join our awesome team!

This may be a good position for you if:

  • You sit at work every day wishing you were meeting new people, zipping around town, learning new things, and having fun
  • You are looking for a part time gig on the side of your acting/music/art
  • You’re an Austin enthusiast and love learning about and talking about Austin- You’re a local musician / actress / comedian, etc. and need to supplement your income
  • You want to do varied activities on a daily basis
  • You want to have the freedom of leading your own tours but still be part of a great team
  • This job is for people who are looking for a long-term flexible position.
  • We are proud all our staff has stayed with us, and we are growing quickly and need more help. This isn’t a “filler” or “try it for a month” type of job. Our staff treat this job as a career (part time and / or full time)
  • We love to have fun, but we’re serious about hard work. We expect someone to be enthusiastic, totally reliable, ready to learn, and eager to contribute.
  • While most of your time is spent doing brewery tours, wine outings, city tours, music crawls, food tours, and other awesome activities, there are more mundane tasks like tidying our tour vans, dropping off brochures or other non-tour responsibilities that are part of the job.
  • Your schedule is variable. You are able to block out what days you can’t work, but we can’t promise work on your days on. We have many tours that are booked far in advance, but some pop up the day before, so you have to be flexible in your routine.

This job is not for someone who thrives in an 8-5 M-F position.

We’d love to chat if:
  • You have great energy
  • You are a team player
  • You are not afraid to take on a leadership role
  • You never come late to work
  • You love Austin
  • You are friendly, accommodating, engaging and flexible
  • You are looking for a serious position
  • You have nothing on your driving record
  • You are willing to get your chauffeurs permit and drive an 11 passenger van
  • You have driving experience
Please submit the following with your response to
  • Resume and then,
  • Favorite places in Austin
  • Most offbeat place you’ve been to here / experience you’ve had
  • The glowing attribute that will differentiate you vs other applicants
  • Why you’re looking for a new job

Let’s see if we’re a good match!

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