Steven has been a professional comedian for over 30 years. He’s performed in all 50 states, 32 countries, and has had over 50 tv appearances. Rest assured you will be well entertained!

What He loves about Austin

  • THE CREATIVE VIBE – If you are a writer and performer (like myself) or musician, actor, sculptor, painter, etc. Austin will inspire you.
  • THE MONDAY MUSIC – Start with the Peterson Brothers at Continental Club and end with Bob Schneider’s Lonelyland at Saxon Pub!
  • THE FOOD – Current faves are Fried Stuffed Avacado at Hula Hut and Duck Foldies at Bar Peached.
  • THE PARTIES – Eeyore’s Birthday Party in April and Carnaval Brasileiro in February.
  • THE WEIRDNESS – From Chicket Sh*t Bingo on Sundays to the Austin Naked Bike Ride in June.

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