Austin Corporate Team-Building Activity: BBQ Sauce Making Challenge

Take a break from your conference and do one of our 60-Minute Socials. These activities are designed to be quick, fun, and engaging, and our BBQ Sauce Making Challenge is the perfect blend to spice up your lunch break. In Texas, BBQ is king and pit masters are legends. Each bbq pit is completely different and pit masters will never give up their recipes for their “secret sauce” but we can learn about Central Texas BBQ, it’s key flavors, what kind of wood is used and the process for creating such tender brisket that we’re famous for. You’ll have 10 spices to choose from and you’re encouraged to taste and alter until you get it exactly the way you want it.

Choose Austin Detours for your business conference entertainment!

  • When in Texas, make your own bbq sauce
  • Learn about Texas bbq
  • Have fun with your team!

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