Create the next best bbq spice rub

In Texas, BBQ is king and pit masters are legends. Each bbq pit is completely different and pit masters will never give up their recipes for their “secret sauce” but we can learn about Central Texas BBQ, it’s key flavors, what kind of wood is used and the process for creating such tender brisket that we’re famous for. This activity is part educational, part teambuilding and all fun! First learn about local bbq and then create your own dry rub. You’ll have 10 spices to choose from and you’re encouraged to taste and tweet until you get it exactly the way you want it. Then teams will share with each other their rub and nominate the best one. They must make a description and short presentation about their rub. Teams present to the most senior person in the group in a fun and comical competition. Everyone gets their spice rub to take home as a keepsake. This Texan-themed activity always gets rave reviews!

You’re going to love this experience!

  • Try your hand at making a Texas spice rub!
  • Compete with your co-workers or friends!
  • Bring it home to try on your favorite meats

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