Austin Detours Presents an Interactive Theater Experience

Join our interactive theater where you solve the mystery (spoiler alert: not a cheesy murder mystery) Mystery. Intrigue. Scandal. These are all the things that await you at The Society’s annual masquerade ball, an event that features prominent members of Austin society — all of whom conceal their secrets in the dark or even in plain sight. This year they unveil a lost treasure: the legendary Archives, a mysterious box that contains artifacts that were believed to have been lost. Within these treasures, there are truths that will shatter or elevate The Society’s members. It is up to you to solve the mystery. How deep do you want to go down the rabbit hole?

You’re going to love Austin Detours' murder mystery experience!

  • Do this for a birthday or corporate event!
  • Sultry, not cheesy.
  • Make your own mask to protect your identity

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