More than playing with legos, this experience challenges how well you communicate with your team.

Even adults love legos, but we bet you’ve never used legos to improve your team’s communication with each other. In this challenge, teams will be given enough legos to build a structure. A picture of the structure is given to each team but only one section at a time. The key is one player from the team must take a look at the picture for five seconds, and then go back to his / her team and tell them how to build it. Once that section is built, the team sends another team member to look at the next picture, but this time they can see their section and the previous section. That team member must go back and again show them how to build it, as well as correct any mistakes that could have been made from the first player. This goes on until the entire structure is built. It’s a game that tests your memory, trust, communication and teamwork!

You’re going to love this experience!

  • Not just for lego-lovers
  • This is a team communication challenge
  • Work quickly to win
  • You’ll have to use your memorization skills

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