Choose Austin Detours For Your Next Team-Building Event & Offsite

This heated competition will get your team energized and unified as they all work in harmony toward one goal: creating the best dang chili around! Teams will be given a basket of ingredients to create their own chili. Next, we spice things up by auctioning off desired ingredients, equipment, as well as items that teams can use to sabotage another team! Then it’s time for the showdown. Some team members will be tasked with creating their unique award-winning recipe while others will work on the marketing, which includes their chili company’s name, business plan, logo, and maybe even a jingle accompanied by song and dance! At the sound of the bell, each team will present their chili along with their marketing plan to the judges. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team!

Experience Our Fun Corporate Chili Cook-Off Event

  • Great for groups 10-200
  • Fun, collaborative experience
  • Flexible for most allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Can be an onsite at your office or hotel or hosted at an offsite venue

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