Austin Detours Presents a Murder Mystery Event

The beautiful, beloved and very wealthy Eliza Loon is dead. It’s 1912 and a beloved heiress of an oil tycoon has just been murdered. There are many suspects and the town is abuzz with rumors and many accusations are going around as to whodunnit. Guests will get the chance to step back in time in this one-of-a-kind experience to help solve the murder by interacting with the characters suspected of committing the crime, hearing their side of the story, asking them questions, and deliberating with your team along the way to figure out the crime. This investigation takes you on an adventure through this fictionalized town where you’ll encounter a host of characters, discover clues, confront suspects and crack the case.

You’re going to love Austin's favorite murder mystery!

  • Do this for a birthday or corporate event!
  • Sultry, not cheesy.
  • Dress up to really get into the storyline!

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