Austin Food Truck Challenge

Build Your Own Food Truck

This event can be done as an on-site or off-site activity depending on your timing and location preferences.

Off-site (2-3 hours) We’ll start with a tour around town visiting several food trucks and sampling their products. This will give us inspiration for a business concept, branding, menu and more. Then we’ll head to a local bar, restaurant or event space and build our own truck in 1/8 scale. Part of the team is given a box of parts – those folks will have to build the actual truck. The other folks in the team will get to work on the concept, business plan, decor, menu, branding and presentation. We’ll end with each group presenting to a panel of judges. Best truck and presentation wins!

On-site (1 hour) As an on-site activity, this is a shorter version of the off-site version but without going out to visit some of our most famous food trucks. Perfect for a quick team building activity when you don’t have a lot of extra time in your schedule. Can be done in any meeting room at your hotel or conference center.

Perfect for:
Group Size: 20-200
Duration: 1-3 hours
Off-site or on-site

You’re going to love this event!

  • Learn all about Austin’s famed food truck scene

  • Sample delicacies at different trucks while getting ideas for your own

  • Most creative concept and truck wins!

Now that was fun!

“Definitely a good idea if you want to explore the food truck scene and eat some of the best food Austin has to offer. This tour just might put you in a food coma. – Jamilah P., Austin, TX

“Austin Detours was simply amazing!” – Steph3535, TX

“Totally unique to Austin…we have made wagons before but never food trucks” – Angela, Austin 

These reviews, and many more can be found on Trip Advisor and Yelp.

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