What is a Detour?

  1. A shared, interactive experience between guests and hosts, making every tour one-of-a-kind.
  2. A balance between “headline” and “offbeat” Austin so guests can check off their bucket lists and also experience the unexpected wow moments.
  3. An experience led by big-personality, local-expert hosts. We don’t simply “find Tour Guides”, we seek out culture creators – actors, musicians, comedians, and other talented locals.

Our Team

ELIZABETH | Chief Experience Officer

Creator. Dreamer. Mom of twins + 1. World Traveler. Harley-Davidson Rider. Adventure-Seeker. Pickle-Addict

KYLA | Senior Experience Manager

Theme Party Enthusiast. Two Stepper. Brunch over Breakfast Diehard. Lawn Game Master. Ex-Theater Kid (with the Jazz Hand Skills to prove it). Martini Lover. Can and will personify anything. Always sings Nancy Sinatra at karaoke. Perpetually overdressed. Poolside partier. RenFest superfan.

NJ | Senior Operations and Event Manager

Retired garage band front gal. Meditation junkie. Real life Tetris aficionado. Inventory goddess. Behind the scenes and on the scene magical unicorn. Advocate of the human connection.

MARTIN | Guide Manager

Pianist. Wine-Enthusiast. Fantasy Nerd. River Lover. Stinky Cheese Hater. Dog Lover. Happy Dad.

ASHLEY | Marketing Manager

Actor. Writer. Comedian. #1 George Michael Fan. Mediocre Bass Player. Flimsiest person at Pilates.

DANIELLE | Experience Manager

Book enthusiast. Dog lover. Whiskey connoisseur. Writer. Lead singer. Plant grower. Coffee consumer. Always in need of sunshine. Land mermaid. Human rights advocate.

SIERRA | Experience Manager

Musician. Disco Queen. Selkie.

CHRIS | Experience Host

Taco Guru. Thespian. Musician. Certified Yogi. Proud Cat Dad. Outdoor Explorer. Beach Dweller.

TRACE | Super Experience Host

Comedian. Dad. Trivia buff. Green Belter. Talent show host. Sneakerhead. Grilled cheese master. Food truck consultant. Pool player.

JESSIE | Onsite Event Manager

Dog mom. Beer lover. Spreadsheet enthusiast. Ice cream over cake. South Austinite. Proud auntie.

NICK | Experience Host

3rd Funniest Man in Austin. Gap-toothed. Quads of steel. Best Jacket Contest Winner. Home run hitter. Stomach sleeper. Sandwich lover. Arby’s aficionado.

EVAN | Senior Experience Host

Direct descendant of Sam Houston. Rainbow Brightest. Party animal. Beardsman. Playlist curator. Foodie. Conversational humorist. Born and bred Texan. Dad.

JAX | Super Experience Host

Dream Pop Shoegazer. Live Music Junkie. Puddle Jumper. Neuroscience Podcast Devourer. Ghost Hunter. Treblemaker. Dark Chocoholic. Dry Red Wine Enthusiast. Mixtape Maven. Time Lord.

AVERY | Experience Host

Marie Claire’s mom. Stand-up comedian. Texas girl.

KENDALIN | Operations Coordinator

Sight-seer. Plant Grower. Cat Mom. Film-maker. Instrumentalist. Visionary. Melomanic. Aesthete. Nirvana-seeker. Tattoo enthusiast.

IKE | Super Experience Host

Unicyclist. Jaw harp enthusiast. Trumpeter. Although childless…collector of Dad jokes. Metal artist. Geodesic Dome fabricator. Buckminster Fuller Super-Fan.

KELTY | Experience Host

Massage Therapist. Long-term Texas. Sporty Spicier. Art appreciator. Dancer when everyone’s watching.

CONNER | Experience Host

Guitarist. Unofficial Austin Detours hair model. Singer.

JOEY | Experience Host

Entertainer. Vinyl DJ. Experimental art enthusiast. Concert goer and raver. Cat lover. House plant care taker. Trail walker. Barton Springs relaxer.

KANDACE | Experience Host

Loquacious. Effervescent. Mom says she lights up a room. Kitchen wrist flicker. Tinned fish sommelier. Writer. Recovering black sheep. Funniest man in Austin. NYT crossword enthusiast. Wikipedia philanthropist.

CARTER | Experience Host

Guitar player. Bourbon and wine enthusiast. Music lover. Waffle House zealot. History buff.

BRENT | Experience Host

Aquatic scientist. Traveler. Bowler. Fantasy Football enthusiast. Reader. Seinfeld quoter.

LAUREN | Onsite Event Coordinator

Soccer mom x 2. Lover of nature. Wine enthusiast. Queso fanatic.

KRISTIAN | Experience Host

Actor. Biker. Avid runner and yoga practitioner. Road trips and travel.

SHYNA | Experience Host

Actress. Writer. Sci-fi Nerd. Daydreamer. Occasional Weightlifter. Amateur Chief. Crafter. Listener.

JEROME | Experience Host

Guitar-slinger. Loud-singer. Fun-bringer. Kayak-adventurer. World-traveler. Business-school dropout. Concert-goer. Biker. Soccer-player. hiker. Animal-lover. Knowledge-seeker. Pizza-addict. Happy-go-lucky.

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