Typical Austin Food Truck Scene

Austin’s food trucks now number over 2,000 and serve everything from octopus salad to beef tongue tacos to lavender-infused ice cream. The food is awesome and the atmosphere anything from urban chic to grunge-cool, and the most popular trucks have lines as long as Austin’s never-ending Lamar Boulevard…don’t say we didn’t warn you. Food trucks have shaped Austin’s culinary culture over the last decade or so and look like having a continuing influence long into the future. We love the choice and quality they offer, and in this blog we introduce you to three of the city’s best dessert trucks, each offering a range of sweet treats in its own unique style. Leave room in your tummy and come try them all!

For “revolutionary desserts” served with aplomb by resident “bananarchists” head to 603 W Live Oak St, home to the great people of Bananarchy. Guess what? There’s a banana theme! Think ethically grown, doused in chocolate or peanut butter, and then topped off with anything from cookies to sprinkles to granola…yum! Read more at: http://bananarchy.net

The awesome guys at Churro Co. proudly proclaim “Bet You’ve Never Had Churros Like This Before” and we absolutely have to agree! Operating from 1620 E Riverside Drive, Leo and David serve up a taste bud-tantalizing selection of churro delights including Date Night (with popcorn and caramel sauce), Sunny Daze (with basil sugar and pineapple compote), and Rico Suave (with Nutella pudding sauce and shaved coconut). Explore Churro Co.’s menu at: https://www.facebook.com/ChurroCoAustinTX/

The pioneering Doherty Brothers continue to do amazing things with cake at Holy Cacao at the South Austin Trailer Park at 1311 S 1st Street. This delightful eatery has been featured on The Food Network, The Rachel Ray Show, and Yahoo Travel, and has also featured in Zagat…not bad, eh? Our favorite fluctuates between Brass Balls (with crushed peanut butter cookie crumbs) and Rabbit Balls (with carrot cake and cream cheese frosting). Find more about balls at: http://theholycacao.com

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