We recently took a visiting family from England on a private detour to Fredericksburg, where they enjoyed beer, wurst, and an informative and reflective day at the National Museum of the Pacific War. We also made a quick stop in Johnson City and the LBJ Ranch.


At our clients’ request our first stop was The Auslander Restaurant and Biergarten, a Fredericksburg institution complete with Bavarian street scenes and menu offerings including Jagerschnitzel, Sauerbraten, and Krauerbutter Lendenstuck. Our clients opted for the Traditional Bratwurst, a sausage made with pork and smoked veal, and the Kasewurst, another sausage but this one made with beef, smoked pork and sharp cheddar. The meat, and more-than-ample soups and sides, were washed down with Paulaner Hefe-Weissen.

You can check out the Auslander’s menu and live music offerings at: http://www.theauslander.com

The Wall Street Journal’s Mark Yost recently described the National Museum of the Pacific War as “perhaps the most comprehensive, well-organized military museum I’ve ever seen.” Thanks Mark, you took the words right of our mouth! The sprawling complex is packed full of artifacts, memorabilia and information, with a few airplanes, submarines and interactive displays mixed in for good measure. Our clients were fascinated by the details of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and particularly enjoyed re-tracing the war as it raged through the Pacific islands.

You can learn more about the museum at: http://www.pacificwarmuseum.org

We love handcrafting experiences around our private clients’ specific requirements, and often run detours from Austin to Fredericksburg, the Hill Country and surrounding attractions. Please contact us for more details and let us create the perfect detour for you!

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