Austinites don’t need a reason to realize how great a city we live in.

Great Food. Amazing Craft Beer. Endless Watering Holes. A Thriving Arts Scene. Sun Almost Every Day. Good Music.

Need I go on…

But it sure is nice to hear what others have to say about wonderful Austin!

Welcome to Austin Post Card

“The main thing in measuring integrity is someone’s motive and intent, not how many records they sell. Our intent in Ministry was never to be big. We just wanted to make enough money to live and to buy a studio, which we have done in Austin.” – Al Jourgensen, musician and record producer

“Texans don’t want to sit back and watch Austin turn into Washington, D.C. State leaders in power keep forcing people to opposite corners to prepare for a fight instead of coming together to get things done.” Wendy Davis, Texas Senator

“People don’t live in Austin to work, they work to live there.” Robert Rodriguez, filmmaker and screenwriter

“I’ve been surprised by Austin. I had a cowboy image of the place. It’s a pretty sophisticated city – in some ways, more sophisticated than Boston. And there’s a lighter feel to the place. It’s very good for my spirits.” Tim O’Brien, writer

“There’s so much music in Austin, and it’s all so different.” Gary Clark, Jr., guitarist and actor

“I do think Austin is a great town for writers; we have a lot of them here. But I grew up in Austin, and so I didn’t move here because it was a creative mecca; I was just lucky to live here.” – Jeff Abbott, suspense novelist

“We played in Texas about a year ago, at Emo’s, the famous country and western club in Austin. And I figured, well, if I’m finally gonna die onstage, that’s where it’s going to be!” – Alan Vega, vocalist

“I like the fact that Austin’s the first place I’ve ever lived where there’s a real sense of community. People care about their neighbors.” – Ian McLagan, instrumentalist

“I like it here in Austin. Anybody got a room?” – Keith Richards, Rolling Stones

“There’s a freedom you begin to feel the closer you get to Austin, Texas.” – Willie Nelson

“”It’s Never Neverland. People don’t grow up there. Restaurants are stuck in ramen and munchies.” – Andrew Knowlton, journalist, about Austin’s restaurant scene

What are some of your favorite Austin quotes? Share below!

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