A few things you may be wondering about…

YES! Although we ride in style in our Mercedes vans, we are definintely not a “van tour.” We hop around the city and get out several times so you can experience what you’re seeing.

Nope, feel free to stay in the van if you wish.

Our “Real Austin Tour” leaves from the Austin Visitor Center located at 602 E. 4th Street. Our “Austin Live Music Crawl” leaves from Java Jive Coffee Shop, located in the Hilton Hotel at 500 E. 4th Street.

Public detours are regularly scheduled detours that anyone can join in on. You just book online, or buy your ticket at the Austin Visitor Center and away you go! A private detour we’ll run specially for you. You book it by calling 512-962-8636 and we pick you up from any central Austin location.

Yep – daily! Our Real Austin Tour runs every day of the week at least one and some days up to 3 times. Here is our schedule.

We’ve taken care of all the basics like bottled water, umbrellas, and enough fun stories to keep you entertained. On our evening tours, feel free to bring a beer or wine if you wish but please no glass. We’ll have a cooler with ice and a bottle opener.

We have lots of food tours and then other tours that include a sweet treat but it wouldn’t be considered a meal. The Real Austin tour includes a sweet treat, but other tours such as Food Truck Crawl of Taste of Austin include loads of food and you will not go hungry. The Live Music Crawl does not include a meal or a snack so please eat before you come!

Sheesh, this is a difficult one. We never ever like to leave anyone behind, but we just can’t wait. Our detours cover a lot of ground in a short period of time so if you want to join in on the fun, get there with a few minutes to spare.

Good question. For reservations to any of our public tours, it’s 24 hours with a full refund if your group is 4 guests or smaller. If your group is 4 or more, we require 72 hours of notice so we can try and re-sell those tickets. For private tours, we’ll need a week’s notice so we can honor the cancellation periods of our partners.

We don’t let a few raindrops get in the way of the fun! We’ve never cancelled a tour due to bad weather, but if it is super severe, you can bet we won’t put anyone in harm’s way. We’ll call, text or email and give you a full refund.

Yes, if you thought he or she gave you an incredible experience. We aren’t like other companies who make our guides “work for tips,” instead they are paid a decent wage for doing their job. Feel free to tip if you feel they rocked your world!

Now if you thought we did a good job overall as a company, we wouldn’t mind if you’d shout it from the rooftops (or just post a review on Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else. We’re not picky and reviews are SUPER appreciated :))

We’re open 7 days a week, 9 am to 4 pm. Please note that if we do not answer the phone during that time we are likely on the other line or assisting on a large detour. The fastest way to get to us in that case is by text. We will get back to all calls within 1 business day.

Absolutely! Started right here in Austin in 2014, it consists of husband-and-wife team Ian and Elizabeth, our mother who helps with every random job possible, and our magic-making office team Mandy and Bobbi, and entertainers extraordinaire Jason, Steven, Sunny, Alexandra, Kurt, Elisa, Emily and Joe.

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