Welcome to the Austin Detours team, Ike! Ike started with us about three months ago, and we are so happy to have his positive energy on our team. Ike has an acronym for his name that is a mantra he lives by daily: Imagine Kindness Everywhere. We took a moment to get to know what Ike loves about Austin!

How did you wind up in Austin, TX?

I ended up in Austin after moving here to work on my music while I drive a big rig, hauling automobiles around the country. Subarus, Chryslers and Jaguars. I reckoned I would write songs on the road and perform them here in Austin. I eventually left the lonely truckin’ life for the people that embraced me here. I thrive sharing with lots of folks – the road was simply too solitary. Austin’s eclectic mix of genius and creativity soothed my urge for shifting different, and it still does today. The change visits me here now!

What are your creative outlets? 
I love to create visions in words and metal. I let music emerge from within me through percussion and vocal vibration. I sound the trumpet, and I listen to the universe all around me. Writing, welding metal sculpture,  singing, drumming, and playing jaw harp as well as trumpet really tune my creative energies.


On your days off where in Austin can you be found? 
My non-tour days find me in my studio creating geodesic domes for Blue Moon Domes, a company I created to provide backyard spaces for folks to enjoy themselves and one another in. I’m also happy whenever I can I spend time cruising around Lady Bird Lake’s awesome trails either on foot or on wheel. I think a unicycle is a fantastic way to experience the common ring that is provided for us at this wonderful shared space!


Favorite Austin Detours tour to lead? 
My favorite tour to co-experience is the Real Austin Tour.  It continues to be new every time! Each adventure through the city reveals a new layer of complexity, and always a new group of friends to share it with!


Favorite local artists/musicians? 
When it comes to local artists – boy that’s a hard one to narrow.  As far as music goes, I love that my friends Rebecca Loebe (season 1 of The Voice), and also Raina Rose may have greeted my new friends on a tour as they came off the airplane.  Their music brightens my life as does all the other talented musicians I am blessed to know. Visual media and spoken word are powerful, and a dear friend of mine, Visionary Ion Mot, or just Mot to me, really inspires me with his Mandalas, paintings, and musings.  You can meet him posing as a waiter at Kerbey Lane on S. Lamar Tuesday through Saturday for the sunrise shift.


Ike (top left, checkered shirt) on a recent art tour at SprATX
What is your favorite part about tour guiding in Austin? 
I really appreciate every tour opportunity. In this vocation we have a unique opportunity to reflect on each other and the city cooperatively.  I get to teach folks about Austin from my unique perspective, and on the best days, I walk away having learned how others see too.  I am grateful to learn and share new ways of looking at things.


Can’t miss local gem in Austin? 
Sunrise at Lou Neff Point.  A wonderful experience.  I would say that it’s an under-celebrated (thankfully, I say a bit selfishly) place to bathe in the beauty of a new day and reflect on what has brought us this far.


What neighborhood in Austin is your hang out place? 
I live to wax poetic about all of Austin, but you have to hang in the ’04 zip code to let all of its particular awesome seep in.  Bouldin Creek Cafe is my wonderful wife Wendy’s and my favorite restaurant. We shop at Wheatsville Co-Op and Sprouts. I love the whole zip code!


Where do you see Austin in 10 years? 
I see it as a hub for research and implementation of creative solutions to global problems, with the arts as a major element in said solutions!  Our grasp on the necessity of music and art to bring folks together on common ground is the real strength of our city.


Most interesting story about a tour or an Austin Detours event you worked? 
All of the tours are unique, but recently I connected with a gentleman name Rich.  We discussed bliss-filled eastern beliefs with HOPE Outdoor Gallery as a back drop.  When he departed, we encouraged each other to stay present and keep practicing.


Catch Ike out on our Real Austin tour each week, or along our Live Music Crawl tour!

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