Elizabeth and Ashley enjoying some classic hummus at Aba.

In the famed words of Nicki Minaj, you can tell “I ain’t missin’ no meals,” and thankfully in Austin, there are many amazing restaurants to keep one from going hungry. Here are Ashley’s Top 10 Dishes:

Clark’s – Crab Louie

I have met many a Crab Louie in my day. From San Francisco to New England, this gal has tried them all. I mean it truly when I say I love this salad. This salad makes me want to stand outside on West 6th with a boombox, blasting Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” at top volume.

Justine’s – Moules Frites

Aside from the incredible ambiance that Justine’s always provides, whether you’re in the tent or the main restaurant, you’ll feel très chic ordering my go-to menu item. The mussels themselves are great, but the broth is so dang good I could just drink it on its own.

Wow Poke – Ponzu Truffle Tuna Bowl

Located just off Lovebirds cocktail lounge off Cesar Chavez, this is THE poke place you must hit up. Offering a variety of bowls with fresh and bold flavors, Wow Poke is a step above all the other poke spots in town. The Ponzu Truffle Tuna and California Poke Bowls are dynamite.

Aba – Classic Hummus

This is one of those restaurants that’s always a fun patio for people watching and my favorite dish to enjoy while doing so is their classic hummus.

Lin Asian Bar + Dim Sum – Soup Dumplings

The soup dumplings from Chef Ling Qi Wu and team are truly a warm hug of a meal. Although their patio is a popular destination, I love to sit at the bar and throw down some of these bad boys over a lovely cocktail list.

Launderette – Beet Hummus

I realize two hummus’ have made the list, but hear me out on this one (it’s different)! I live around the corner from this spot and the beets with labneh has consistently been an item I’ve ordered every time I’ve visited. Bonus: their patio is dog-friendly (a favorite of George Michael, my son).

Patrizi’s – Red Sauce Pasta

Family red sauce topped with cheese? Yes, please! Although the have a brick and mortar, I love the trailer out of Butterfly Bar. There’s nothing better than grabbing a Red Sauce and chilling under the twinkle lights of the patio. The handmade pasta is always delicious and I have always been a fan of the depth of flavor on their red sauce mixed with the creamy cheesy goodness.

Nixta Taqueria – Duck Carnitas Taco

There’s a saying I have in my life: the cuter the animal, the more delicious it will be. I realize I now give off Hannibal Lecter vibes with this life philosophy, but I stick by this with Nixta’s duck carnitas tacos. Duck confit, watermelon radish, and salsa cruda are the perfect combo for a taco you don’t see every day.

Ezov – Kofta

I dream about those little skewers of lamb and beef bliss once a week. The meat is incredibly tender and packed with tons of flavor, and it doesn’t’ hurt that it’s enough food to feed an army.

Odd Duck – Legit everything

I’m cheating here but literally every plate here is divine. Hands down, this has and always will remain to be my favorite restaurant in Austin. Chef Bryce Gilmore and his team stick the landing every damn meal. Sourcing only from local vendors, every dish is a thoughtful, creative, and a perfect blend of tastes and textures.

If you were twisting my arm, I tend to love most of their starter roasted vegetable dishes (enticing for even the meat eaters in your life), but if you want a true taste of Texas, you can’t go wrong with their skillet cornbread with seasonal butter.

Bonus: Phoebe’s  – Chile Relleno

I must confess, Elizabeth, our Chief Experience Officer, is currently standing over me telling me to include this on the list. Since we don’t say no the boss, this will be our bonus meal (but hey, she’s totally not wrong as it’s quite delicious).

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