Elizabeth is the founder and owner of Austin Detours and San Antonio Detours. Driven by the desire to create fun in people’s lives, Elizabeth’s companies provide unique experiences for anyone seeking to make memories. She believes life’s highs are when you strike the perfect moment with people you care about. Elizabeth is married to a lovely British fellow and has twins + 1 . A vegetarian, Girl Scout Leader, adventure-seeker, and the world’s biggest cheerleader, Elizabeth is high-energy and up for just about anything! Elizabeth has lived and worked in 9 countries and visited over 50, and will live in Austin as long as she loves tacos.

What She loves about Austin

  • We have over 300 days of sunshine! Coming from the midwest, this brings such cheer to your day
  • People here support entrepreneurship and big ideas.
  • Locals act like tourists, forever taking advantage of all that Austin has to offer.
  • There’s live music everywhere..even at my local grocery store, seriously! Tacos, so many tacos.

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