Over a decade into his affair with our fabulous city, Ike continues to find new things to love about Austin! A vagabond by nature, the vibe of our wonderful city persuaded him to make it his home. A musician in his early years, Ike has channeled his creativity into the fabrication of metal art. His large steel domes have been commissioned by the city for such events as First Night. His real passion is in people and sharing his accounts of our town brightens the lives of all our visitors and locals alike, encouraging them all to Imagine kindness everywhere!

What he loves about Austin

  • The music – I play trumpet and am always finding unique bands to play with
  • The people – Austin’s message is “all are welcome” and I love living in a place where communities live harmoniously and enrich one another.
  • The new boardwalk – as a unicyclist I always love hitting the east side boardwalk and new urban spots
  • The vibe – Austin is warm, friendly, innovative and just an overall happy place to live!

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