The Salt Lick at Driftwood is as iconic a venue as you’ll find anywhere in the meaty world of Texas BBQ. A stone’s throw from Austin, you can smell the awesome smokiness as soon as you drive into the (vast) parking lot. You’ll still smell it when you get home. Great atmosphere, amazing food and an all-round iconic experience…even if half the Austin Detours team is veggie…

Start to salivate at

We carefully design our detours to be ‘Handcrafted Austin Experiences’, and BBQ & Brew has been planned with the beer drinking Texas BBQ enthusiast in mind. On this detour we’ll take you to visit Real Ale in Blanco, TX, and then, as those hunger pains start, we’ll park up at the Salt Lick just in time for you to feast on their amazing food. We advise our clients to turn up for this detour thirsty and hungry!

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