Have fun while giving back to an Austin family experiencing homelessness

Want to experience Austin while giving back to our great city? We start by giving you the demographics and needs of a real family in Austin (names kept confidential) provided to us by our partner charity, Caritas of Austin. Throughout the experience, you will be taking part in challenges that benefit this particular family. You earn “big bucks” along the way that your team cashes in for real bucks! At our last stop, we’ll do an old fashioned “supermarket sweep” where you’ll be assigned a family in need and you’ll need to spend your dollars wisely. Each package gets delivered to the family through Caritas, a local organization that provides services to end homelessness. Have fun in Austin and give back to those in need!

You’re going to love this Austin Detours' experience!

  • Enjoy a city tour as you hop around different places in Austin
  • A fun way to work with your team, experience Austin and give back
  • You’ll make a real difference in people’s lives

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