Austin Corporate Team-Building: Austin Bucket List Challenge

Everyone who comes to Austin has a bucket list! This city is exploding with options of fun things to do but there are “essential experiences” you just must have to prove you were really here. This fast-moving team activity takes you on an express journey through Austin exploring the city and checking off your list. Experience live music. Sample craft beers. Taste local barbecue. Check out 6th Street. Discover local street art. Dive into the Austin food truck scene. Not only will you do these things but we’ll take these cultural icons and make them into challenge form so you can compete against co-workers for a memorable Austin event!

Choose Austin's #1 Tour Company for your next business conference!

  • Walking experience to get you moving
  • Do challenges based on everything Austin’s is known for: craft beers, live music, street art and more!
  • Highly competitive and fun so perfect for corporate or private groups!

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