It’s a Texas fiesta! This challenge is the ultimate nod to the local Tex-Mex and the history behind the food and drink of the south. We’ll split your group into teams with the goal of collecting the most points throughout the challenges. First up will be the chips and dips! Teams will compete to create the best Mexican inspired dip. Guides will become Food Network-style judges as they listen to the presentations of each nacho plate and sample each creation. Then, we’ll have a margarita flight challenge where you’ll have to name the ingredients in your margaritas to get the points – this challenge is harder than you think! Lastly, all the groups will go head-to-head together in our Tacos & Tequila Gameshow! The lead guide becomes the host and you’ll participate in a Jeopardy-style quiz game related to Tex-Mex, local bees and tequila, with not only trivia, but also charades, puzzle-solving and more to get you out of your seats and stealing up the points! The winning team will not only get bragging rights, but also a unique prize. Join us for this totally Tex-Mex team bonding experience!

  • Great for groups 1-100
  • Can be held onsite or at a restaurant venue
  • Open to dietary restrictions/adjustments
  • A perfect blend of food and fun

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