Build a 1/8 scale food truck and compete against your coworkers

Does your team have what it takes to build Austin’s next food truck empire? Let’s start building and see. This event will have your crew in teams building and decorating your own model food truck, branding it and developing its menu. Part of the team is given a box of parts – those folks will have to build the actual truck. The other folks in the team will get to work on the concept, business strategy, decor, menu, branding, and presentation. Our guides will pick the winning team they feel has shown the most creativity, teamwork, and technique! Whether it’s roadkill sushi or classic cupcakes you have in mind – this is THE event to get your creativity and team-building going.

You’re going to love this experience!

  • Build the truck, create the best marketing pitch and win!
  • Fun and unique event with your team
  • You wouldn’t believe the wild ideas teams come up with!

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