Austin Guided Nature Hike

Austin’s known for being green, come explore the trails locals love. This adrenaline-filled, custom Austin Detours hiking tour will take you to two of the best hiking trails in Austin. You’ll be soaking in the sites while hearing about the surrounding nature, history of the sites, and get some exercise while you’re at it! First we’ll go for a hike up a somewhat simple and short trail to the top of Mount Bonnell where we’ll climb to the top for a beautiful photo op. Then, we’ll head south to check out the most popular part of the Greenbelt with absolutely beautiful water features and falls. A picnic lunch will make this the perfect day out!

Experience Austin's Outdoor Activities with Austin Detours!

  • Avoid crowds at downtown trails and visit some of the most beautiful areas in Austin
  • Appeals to all ability levels
  • Learn about local flora and fauna from a local nature expert

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