Austin Corporate Team-Building Event: Mini-Olympics

Think Field Day like you had in middle school, but for adults! We take all the fun and silly games of your youth, put a little Texas twist on them, and create a multi-activity challenges that will get your team moving, laughing and working together. The various Olympic challenges provide a sensory experience that ignites the senses and gets your blood pumping, all without leaving the hotel. The group will be divided into teams of around 10 people each. Two teams face off on a challenge for a set amount of time. When the buzzer sounds, the teams shift to the next challenge until each team has completed every challenge. At the end, we have an awards ceremony complete with team presentations, judging and prizes.

You’re going to love this team-building activity from Austin Detours!

  • Field day perfect for corporate groups of 50-500
  • Fun way to celebrate a large family reunion or private event
  • Jumbo games, relays, competitive teams and lots of fun!

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