Our Team

 Our team is made up of local artists, musicians, foodies, writers, professional travel directors, outdoor enthusiasts, and comedians: people who are part of the fabric of the city and offer unique insights and offbeat facts. Their colorful personalities, desire to delight, and endless spontaneity will ensure you have a “now THAT was fun” experience!



Ringleader. Cheerleader. Creator. World traveler. Harley-Davidson rider. Pickle-addict. Mom of toddler twins. Dreamer.



Award winning comedian. 50+ TV appearances. Performed in every state and 32 countries. Published author. Screenwriter. Collector of “Do Not Disturb” signs.



Banjo player. Name-that-tune aficionado. Shakespeare geek. Musical improviser. Guacamole connoisseur. Bluegrass lover. Actress. Singer. Music Journalist.



Drummer. Jazz nut. Colorblind. Teacher. Ocean lover. Music festival junkie. Won contest for best hair.



Award-winning singer-songwriter. 17-year Austin music veteran. Local history expert. Podcast creator. Folk festival producer. Origami folder. Science geek.



Speaks Japanese. Gardener. Crafter. Camper. Pickle juice lover. Mother of 3 hens. Doesn’t wear jeans....or eat cheese.



Writer. Photographer/Instagramer. Yogi. Boston Terrier Mom. World Traveler. National Park Lover. Desert Dweller. Greenbelt Go-getter. Scavenger Hunt Champion. Karaoke Queen. Taco Fanatic.



Artist. Glass Sculptor. Die hard crowd pleaser. Swimming hole scout. Singer. Patio lover. Real name Billy. Friends changed name because he really is like a ray of sunshine.



Taco Opinionist. Trivia Night Champion. Touring Musician. Music Teacher. Greenbelt Hiker. Two-Step Specialist. Native Texan. Actor. Writer.



Numbers guy. Legal guy. Not a musician. Not an artist. Not a foodie. Not a dreamer. The rock that makes sure this boat stays afloat.



Golf fanatic. Karaoke queen. Vinyl record dj. Been to 3 Olympics. Global travel junkie. Professional cat herder.



Unicyclist. Jaw harp enthusiast. Trumpeter. Although childless....collector of Dad jokes. Metal artist. Geodesic Dome fabricator. Buckminster Fuller Super-Fan.



Recreational runner. TV commercial actress. Lactose-intolerant cheese lover. Knows the lyrics to more songs than a human should. Was an incredibly shy child, who knew?!



True Austinite. Creates sound effects for daily life activities. Flip Flop Hater. Certified Dating Coach. Fitness Addict. Zipline Instructor. Collector of miniature glassware. IPA lover. Short-Story-Long Storyteller.



Queen of sarcasm. West Texas born and raised. Spicy, salty, sour everything. Dog mama & dog lover. Music enthusiast. Cider drinker. Grammar nerd.