Having spent many many years as an International Tour Director, she has become a pro “Travel Hacker” getting the most out of every travel experience. On tours, and off, she loves to bring people together, show them a good time and help them make meaningful connections along the way. Depending on the day, she has many Spirit Animals from Tina Fey to Arya Stark to Bjork, so watch out! She believes that there are only two kinds of music, good and bad, and fortunately she listens to both. Ask her about her fabulous (and totally weird) playlists!

What She loves about Austin

  • This city consistently feeds my insatiable appetite for live music.
  • A strong sense of community and an “all are welcome” vibe.
  • A plentiful assortment of vegetarian & vegan friendly dining establishments.
  • The creative energy coursing through every vein of this remarkable city.
  • SXSW, or as I consider it, SXXMAS 🎅🎤🎶🎸

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